26. Jun 2015

A star-shaped tribute made of light

Photos: Sandra Pereznieto
Architects: Eduardo Cadaval and Clara Solà-Morales

The PIC Pavilion designed by architects Eduardo Cadaval and Clara Solà-Morales was conceived as part of the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the International Prize of Catalonia and was installed this year in the gardens of Robert Palace in Barcelona/E. The International Prize is awarded every year by the Catalan government to distinguish those who have contributed decisively with their creative work to developing cultural, scientific or human values around the world. The PIC Pavilion took the form of a visual catalogue of the various stakeholders involved in the long history of the award. The challenge was to achieve as great an impact as possible using few materials and keeping to a tight budget. The architects applied light and shadow for effect. The Pavilion was not only an informative exhibition; after dark it was illuminated and transformed into a glowing star, paying homage to former award winners.

The pavilion comprised 34 panels, printed on both sides, connected via a circular open frame. The structure allowed people to move in and out of the circle easily to be able to view the contents of the panels, which were illuminated from inside using linear LED luminaires. In the evening the interplay of light and shadow created an aesthetically contoured star shape on the surrounding ground.


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