05. Feb 2016

A pavilion filled with a light life of its own

Photos: Unstable  – Marcos Zotes

The temporary “P-Cube” pavilion in the centre of VDNKh Park in Moscow/RUS was designed and realised by the Spanish artist and architect Marcos Zotes from Unstable, a design and research laboratory operating today from Reykjavik, Iceland. The core structure was based on a standard scaffolding system which was covered entirely with a semi-transparent layer of fabric. The ghostly and ephemeral appearance of the pavilion during the daytime became alive with geometric visuals after dark. The accompanying sound design was especially composed for the project by Russian electronic music specialist Pixelord.


The pavilion was cube-shaped and measured nine by nine by nine metres. The digital component of P-Cube featured a grid-like organism that slowly transformed the integrity of the cube through a series of constant morphological changes.

Two sets of staircases provided access to the public viewing platform located inside the cube at a height of six metres. From here the public were able to enjoy excellent views over the site and be immersed in a physical-digital environment of light and shadows.

Project team:

Client: Polytechnic Museum, Moscow/RUS
Design: Unstable – Marcos Zotes, Reykjavik, Iceland/IS
Sound design: Pixelord, Moscow/RUS


P-Cube from UNSTABLE on Vimeo.

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