15. Jul 2015

“Collectors Lounge”: love of detail and interactive video-mapping

Photos: Kevin Scott

“We each carry many influences with us!” architect Tom Kundig claims. And this was the design approach adopted by architects Olson Kundig when they set about developing a concept for “Outpost Basel”, which served as the Collectors Lounge at this year’s Design Miami/ Basel, Switzerland (16. to 21. June, 2015). The architects played with the idea of being an outsider, bringing together a collection of elements and materials that were rich in contrast. Unique wood formwork, treated using the ancient Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique, a wood burning method which gives the wood a rich black hue, was applied to create the walls of the lounge. An interactive projection-mapped digital installation by Seattle-based media artists Glymmer, made for an inspiring atmosphere. The lighting designed by Jason Edling from the design practice Niteo focused on the interplay of shaded and well lit areas, making it easy for people to use the space comfortably.

Two distinct adjoining volumes, one semi-open space and one a taller solid box made of wood bricks, together formed Outpost. To render the spatial geometry in different ways video projections were applied across the wooden structures: the interactive installation reflected the movements of visitors. Motion was tracked via three cameras and woven into the colourful geometric patterns projected onto the surfaces. This gave the impression that the structure of the wooden walls was continually changing form. In the restaurant area gobo projectors were equipped with custom gobos, which generated leaf patterns on the floor, a subtle reference to the designers’ Pacific Northwest background. The punctual light accents in the wooden brick structures were achieved by the careful positioning of 1200 lensed LED tea candles. The ambient lighting was provided using suspended vertical and horizontal black T8 fluorescent strip lights.

From a distance, Outpost Basel appeared to be a simple dark cube at the west point of the exhibition hall. As the viewer drew nearer, he became aware of the texturing generated by the lighting and of the complexity of the overall design. Olson Kundig designed the “38 beams” Collectors Lounge for Design Miami in December 2014.

Project team:

Architects: Olson Kundig – Tom Kundig, Edward Lalonde, Jamie Slagel
Lighting design: Niteo – Jason Edling
Video mapping: Glymmer
Products applied: Zumtobel, Bartco Lighting


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