05. Apr 2017

„teamLab: Transcending Boundaries“: an immersive exhibition experience.

Text: Jo-Eike Vormittag
Photos: teamLab

At the beginning of this year the designers from teamLab succeeded in incorporating eight of their works – each of which is unique when it comes to size, form, colour, function, and interaction or impact potential – into one single exhibition. This was achieved in such a way that in spite of the differences between the works they indeed created an unusual symbiosis within the three exhibition spaces.

The key for the designers was digital technology, with the aid of which they managed to transcend the physical and conceptual boundaries that exist between different artworks. Metaphorically speaking, the imagery from one work broke free of its frame and eased its way into the space of another; the eight installations dissolved any distinctions between the artwork and the exhibition space, and involved the viewer through interactivity. For example, when he found himself in the middle of a virtual waterfall that extended beyond the gallery wall onto the floor, flowing through the exhibition space and around his feet, or discovered he was part of an artwork that simulated the movement of waves, immersed in the art to an extent that suggested an intrinsic connection with nature.

With “Transcending Boundaries” teamLab have designed an inspiring exhibition-like creation which demonstrates only too well how dependent digital technology is on light, luminous colours and shadow, and just how much these are (literally) interconnected: light can give rise to harmony, provide links and create atmosphere. This was an exhibition that left anyone who visited it thinking, and rendered immediately visible the creative and technical priorities of teamLab’s work (“ultra-subjective space and digital art”). This visitor was subjected to this directly, and in an all-encompassing fashion, and yet somehow gently, enabling him to gain insight into how exhibitions and art work are likely to change in the avant-garde sense and demand more interactive participation from the viewer. In future, we will be transcending more borders than you can ever imagine …

Design: teamLab



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