16. Feb 2015

Infinite mirrored space inside an inflated
silver sphere generates the impression of a miniature-scale cosmos

Photos: Loop.pH

On cloudless nights, nature reveals the beauty of the stars in our heavens. They sparkle like tiny diamonds, capturing our attention like nothing else in our vicinity. The inhabitants of big cities rarely have the occasion to enjoy a breathtaking view of the stars. Thanks to “Osmo”, a reflective inflatable sphere designed by Loop.pH, Londoners were able to enjoy a “cosmologically transporting” starry night experience. Visitors were invited to gaze at the re-creation of a real map of the stars, realised using laser beams bounced between layers of film with an ambient soundscape orchestrating the space. The installation was realised under the A13 flyover in Canning Town, London/UK as part of the Light Night Canning Town event. The theme for this year’s event was: ‘The Fire and the Stars’.

The surface of the ten-metre high dome comprised a patchwork of reflective stretched polyethylene terephthalate (PET) foil, as is used in the space industry. The blue light was provided by a series of LED uplighters. The combination of awe-inspiring reflections and soft sounds in the background made for a unique and calming atmosphere, as close to nature as you can get.

Project team:

Art installation: Loop.pH – Rachel Wingfield, Mathias Gmachl, Federica Tedeschi, Will Cook, Dario Fiorin, James Fox, Oli Manning, Dalma Kadochsa, Lucy Kent, Bunnie Liu, Trang Phan, Ursula Rae, Karla Torio Rivera, Alejandro Romero
Client: The Brick Box – organisers of Light Night Canning Town, supported by International Association of Lighting Designers


Osmo, A beginners guide to constructing the cosmos from Loop.pH on Vimeo.

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