10. Jun 2015

Perspective mapping – spaces made of light and sound

Installation and Photos: Olivier  Ratsi
Sound design: Thomas Vaquié

“Onion Skin”, designed by French artist Olivier Ratsi is a hypnotic audio-visual light art installation. The work addresses the possibility of creating a new space by toying with perspectives. Linked to mapping, perspective and anamorphoses form the core of the project. Viewed from a specific angle to the installation, two-dimensional forms suddenly become three-dimensional and begin to define space. The surround sound set-up – with sound designed by Thomas Vaquié – accentuates the physical dimension of the installation, strengthening and playing with the impression of volume and space. Light creates the illusion of a new dimension.

The installation is based around two 6.67 by 3.75 metre walls set at right angles to one another, onto which geometric forms are projected in a 14-minute sequence.

Olivier Ratsi started working on this project and the technical realisation between the years 2005 and 2007. The challenge when developing the concept was not to generate a purely aesthetic impression but to create a strong link that would act as a bridge between the viewer and the work, blending the two as a single entity. In effect, the viewer is immersed in an impressive and pleasantly confusing environment made up of light and sound.


Onion Skin by Olivier Ratsi – TEASER from ANTIVJ is a visual label on Vimeo.

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