Project team:

Architects: Design und Bauabteilung Leder & Schuh AG, Mag.
Hans Michael Heger, Graz/A
Lighting design: Vedder.lichtmanagement, Munich/D

Products applied:

Micro 3 round recessed spotlight, XAL
TulaLED custom luminaire, XAL
Sasso recessed spotlight, XAL
Nano II Power LED system, XAL
Mino 20 recessed system, XAL
Surface-mounted spotlights, Erco

05. May 2011

It’s a girl’s world
OMG – modern shoe shop designed for shoe shopaholics.

Text: Joachim Ritter
Photos: Werner Krug, Graz/A

They are one of the most grateful target groups any shop designer or lighting designer could wish for: women on the constant look-out for the right shoes. And I am not talking Cinderella here – that is to say, it is not only a matter of size. High heels, ballet pumps, loafers, in all imaginable colours and designs, exorbitantly expensive or a ‘real bargain’ – for a lighting designer working in this branch of retail you cannot go far wrong. The challenge is to come up with a solution that is not standard…

Ambience and display actually only determine whether the customers feel they have hit home and are willing to fork out the cash (or credit) to purchase the addictive goods. And customers naturally differ. The concept behind the OMG shoe shop in Linz/A is based on reducing everything to the essential and in fact breaks all the rules when it comes to the design and the conventional layout of a retail space dedicated to shoes. The shop is designed to attract young female shoe addicts. It does not attempt to vie for attention vis-à-vis exclusive boutiques, but focuses on the affordable with a permanently changing display that reiterates trends as seen in fashion metropolises such as New York, Tokyo and Shanghai.
The design concept developed for OMG shows that the accent lighting language applied for high-end jewellery and other luxury articles can also work in retail outlets that target young ladies with limited spending money.
The shoe shop in Linz is an exciting space, the drama achieved through a series of contrasts. The structure of the elongated main space is visually supported through black shelving and other dark furnishings. In contrast, and as a daring fashion component, we find a bright pink wall, which provides a balance vis-à-vis the strict lines of the rest of the space. Black lends the space a serious, high-quality feel. The addition of a few playful elements in the form of white line drawings apparently chalked up on the walls lends the space a refined touch and renders it less demure and sober.
The concept has clearly been developed from the start to underscore the correlation of spatial design, product display and designed light. Modern features correspond harmoniously with elements you would find in classic shop design. […]

The full version of the article can be found in PLD No. 76

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