03. Mar 2015

Homage to the Parentesi luminaire

OK is a light-emitting disc mounted on a ceiling-to-floor cable which works like a rail so the light source can be positioned as required. The name OK incorporates the shape of an “O” and the first initial of its German designer, Konstantin Grcic.

With OK Grcic pays homage to the Parentesi luminaire, which was designed by Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzù and has become an icon of Italian industrial design. Grcic has replaced the original lamp with an ultra-flat LED surface with edge-lighting technology. Whereas the original luminaire could be slid up and down the ceiling-to-floor cable via a bracket-shaped tube, OK can be adjusted in height via a discreet, flat rectangular box that houses the electronic components and a soft-touch switch. The luminaire is further adjustable through 360 degrees. The formerly cylindrical weight has been replaced by an easier-to-install cone shape.

LEDs, 2700 Kelvin

colour rendering index (CRI): 85

Finish: white, black, yellow, chrome


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