01. Jul 2015

Metamorphosis – light and textile transform a warehouse space

Renderings: Taller VeintiséisDiez

What a chameleon can do, we have been able to do with light for some time now.

The temporary installation “Nurbe” is designed to give the impression of a cloud of fog hovering high in the space. One of the places where it will be shown is one of the warehouses belonging to PTC Eléctrica in Aguascalientes/MEX. The plan is to make Nurbe (which stems from the Spanish word for ‘cloud’) open to the public in the not too distant future. The idea is to transform a space and give it a new meaning: the challenge for the designers from VeintiséisDiez was not to change the original sense of the space – in the case of PTC Eléctrica should it need to be used for warehouse purposes at any time, for example. By combining different lighting elements with a wavy, transparent textile ceiling, the room undergoes an “intangible metamorphosis”, as the designers put it. Light transforms the space into a series of exciting scenarios, the idea being to respond to the way different visitors prefer to perceive the space.

The textile surface suspended from the ceiling mutates while its material quality remains static. The surface is backlit by a RGB LED matrix which is programmed to change colour. In addition, the optical fibre structure on which the textile hangs allows the designers to generate different glittering patterns to enhance the user experience.

Project team:

Client: PTC Eléctrica
Architects: Taller VeintiséisDiez, Hugo Lamas and Alessa de Alba
Products applied: Philips, Osram


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