14. Nov 2014

No. 95 – Modern working environments

Oct/Nov 2014

Shades of white
Zhengzhou Clubhouse/RC – transdimensional oscillation
Text: Joachim Ritter
White offers the best possible proliferation of options when it comes to defining a space. In the case of the design of the Zhengzhou Clubhouse, the conceptual use of white is like a huge sheet of paper on which architectural elements are sketched in and thus documented as a part of the architectural design, and light can only be applied as a subtle element. But beware: Exploded drawing of the two-storey clubhouse.

The Lotus effect
Conference centre in Wujin/RC
Text: Joachim Ritter
In Asia the lotus flower has a wealth of symbolic meaning. The flower is the epitome of a mystical plant. It symbolises purity, perfection, religion and the beauty of the night, because it blossoms in the dark. Both peace and wisdom are associated with the lotus flower. And it is generally grown in water.

Drees & Sommer Headquarters in Stuttgart/D
Text: Joachim Ritter
Office environment concepts appear to be in a constant state of change. Sometimes it is open-plan offices that are all the rage, then the demand for one or two-man offices, and then projectspecific offices for teams of employees. The project presented here focuses on zoning office space, creating an overview of the office environment through light, ensuring every part of even a deep space is adequately illuminated, and defining work, conference and management areas accordingly. A highly flexible solution that ensures office staff is both happy and productive.

Questioning convention
An Anti-Office in Singapore/SGP: working in a humane environment
Text: Joachim Ritter
The design direction for this workplace is largely driven by a reaction against the rigidity of the typical office space. What the architects sought to create is an environment that questions convention, celebrates informal spaces, and reveals – while masquerading commonplace office functions – an Anti-Office.

Trends in lighting
Observations by Akari-Lisa and Motoko Ishii
Text: Akari-Lisa Ishii and Motoko Ishii
Light is beauty, Light is innovation, Light is technology, Light is philosophy, Light is not just a product of the shape and color of lighting fixtures, because: light creates ambience, light expresses emotions, light defines space, and light can be experienced. Just as fashion and interior design have trends every year, so does lighting design. Tightly related to spatial design trends, it is also strongly influenced by technological innovations. That is what makes using light to express meaning and emotion so interesting and complex.

Reflector or lens for the LED
The pros and cons of aluminium reflectors vis-à-vis lenses, plastic reflectors, prismatic optics and diffusers
Text: Dipl.-Phys. Timothy Schwan, Optics and Electronics Development, Alux Luxar GmbH & Co. KG
Increasingly more luminaires with conventional light sources are being replaced by systems equipped with LEDs. All fixture types are affected, from track-mounted luminaires to downlights in retail spaces to linear fixtures and surface luminaires for office environments. Thanks to the enhanced efficiency ratings of LEDs plus the fact that prices for SSL solutions are on the decrease, this trend is likely to continue.


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