25. Oct 2013

No. 90 – Cultural buildings

Sept/Oct 2013

Oceanic. The Blue Planet Aquarium in Copenhagen/DK
Text: Jesper Kongshaug, Sonja Kiekens
When summer slowly turns to autumn there is nothing finer than to stand outside with your eyes closed and absorb the last rays of summer sunshine, immersing yourself in the experience from head to toe, floating somewhere between heaven and earth – but with both feet firmly on the ground. Capturing this immaterial quality of light and rendering it perceptible was the least Jesper Kongshaug aimed to achieve when designing the lighting for the largest and most modern public aquarium facility in Northern Europe. The Blue Planet (Blå Planet) in Copenhagen opened in March this year and has been drawing overwhelming crowds ever since through its lit underwater environments and foreign worlds.

Old School. New functional space and sports facility for Hellerup High School in Copenhagen/DK
Text: Sonja Kiekens, Alison Ritter
Architect and former pupil at Hellerup High School Bjarke Ingels has designed a building that bears witness to the playful approach and empathy of a person who has not forgotten what it was like to be a pupil at a Danish high school – in fact, this high school. The soft curved roof of the underground volume takes its form from the mathematical equation of the trajectory of a ball thrown in a handball game. In homage to his old math teacher, Bjarke Ingels and his team used the mathematical formula for a ballistic arc to shape the geometry of the roof which in turn creates a veritable molehill in the midst of the school complex. The curved roof provides space for social interaction and exploits the intriguing effects created by both natural light and electric light.

From Florence to Busan. From the distant past to an already existing future
Text: Moritz Gieselmann
When you see the “Busan Cinema Center” for the first time, it takes your breath away: the massive volumes appear to have become detached from any real foundations and are floating above the banks of the Nakdong River like a gigantic spaceship about to land, like a science fiction movie come true. Thanks to state-of-the-art lighting technology the cinema experience is no longer confined to a cosy little space with coke and popcorn, but can indeed become a colossal event.

Controlling light. Everything under control
Text: Joachim Ritter, Earl Levin, Paul Ehlert, Niclas Arvidsson, Ta-Wei Lin
According to the lighting industry, sales in the lighting management sector in the next seven years are looking to triple from two to up to nine billion euros. Modern lighting design is based on LED technology, which inevitably requires lighting control for the design to be realised. And when it comes to energy saving, lighting management is doubtless a key tool. If you want to be part of the lighting market in future, acquiring the skills to be able to handle lighting controls is crucial.

Light as the generator of the structural building
Text: Tzur Barak
As an architect, industrial designer and artist, I promote research and art that focuses on the architectural space as composed of three entities: light, material and space. Each of these entities has different characteristics and plays a unique role in the creation of the three-dimensional space. This breakdown into separate entities brings about new insights into the creation of the three-dimensional phenomenon. In my art works I think of the basic entities, light, material and space, as the tools that convey the artistic message.

Creating an ambience. Lighting that complements the design and brand of a store
Text: Dr. Colette Knight
Twenty shoppers and more than forty lighting professionals from Europe participated in tests evaluating the attention-grabbing nature of display lighting provided by novel LED modules for retail applications.

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