01. Aug 2012

No. 84 – Bars and restaurants

Jul/Aug 2013.

The Konoba Restaurant & Bar in the Seychellen
Text: Joachim Ritter, Alison Ritter
If “immersion” is the state of consciousness where an immersed person’s wareness of physical self is diminished or even lost when surrounded in an engrossing environment, this surely is what we need on a regular basis to escape the troubles and chores of every-day life. Add this idea to an address on the island of Mahé in the Seychelles and you are talking holiday big time.

The Salvage Bar & Lounge in Los Angeles/USA
Text: Joachim Ritter
Lighting solutions that are integrated into the architecture are an accepted trend in designed lighting schemes. Nevertheless, luminaire-based design will continue to maintain its importance and perhaps even present itself as a countertrend, especially when the project features historic elements or references.

The W Hotel on Leicester Square in London/UK
Text: Alison Ritter
Try googling what the “W” in W Hotel stands for? You can basically concoct your own answer. One suggestion relates to the W Hotels’ Whatever/Whenever service policy towards guests, meaning you can have whatever you want, whenever you want it, as long as it’s not illegal, immoral or wrong. “Wow” is a pretty safe bet, given that the hotel chain offers Wow suites and Wow Apartments. When it comes to the W Hotel that opened in London’s Leicester Square last February the W might well stand for Welcoming, Wacky, or just plain Wunderbar. That said, the exterior lighting scheme is a World-first.

Living Place in Hamburg/D
Text: Sandra Lindner
What will our living environment look like in future and what role will light and technology play in shaping it? The research project organised by the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg (HAW) will be providing some answers in the coming months.

Luminale 2012/D
Text: Sandra Lindner
The biennial Luminale lighting festival has become a classic among Frankfurt’s many large-scale public events. 2012 marked the sixth year that the lighting festival offered a cultural after-hours add-on to the Light+Building fair. Once again, worldrenowned lighting designers, young artists and students turned the Rhein-Main region into an international arena for experimental light art and lighting design. The trend towards using buildings for large-scale projections and creating interactive installations continues. The first digitalised lighting projects were in evidence at Luminale years ago. Now they are part and parcel of the event.


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