01. Apr 2012

No. 83 – Visions and creative solutions

Apr 2012

A modern-day Pantheon. The Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi/UAE
Text: Joachim Ritter, Jean Nouvel
If there is one dome in the world you have to have seen as a lighting aesthete, up to now this has most likely been the Pantheon in Rome. The huge hall is 43 metres high and 43 metres in diameter. The most striking element in the entire building is the nine-metre oculus. Domes are a significant feature in Arabian architecture. And the new Louvre Museum designed by Jean Nouvel in Abu Dhabi underscores this. Nouvel’s dome does not have just the one oculus, however, but comprises a modern interpretation that is fascinating, inspiring and boundlessly creative.

Time to chill. The new public library in Stuttgart/D
Text: Sandra Lindner
In 2010, the German Word of the Year was “Wutbürger”, meaning Outraged Citizen. Why did they opt for this particular
word? It was a word that cropped up in the news a lot that year, especially in reports about the angry citizens of Stuttgart, who took to the streets for months on end to protest against the politicians’ decision to build a new, but extremely expensive, main railway station in the city centre. It was not so much about the quality of the project, but rather about the fact that the citizens appeared to have very little, if any, influence on political processes. Besides the railway station project, the comprehensive city planning project known as Stuttgart 21 also includes the new public library. The new library’s image consequently also suffered in the wake of the discussions and hold-ups. Wrongly so, since the building is designed as a place in which to chill and to promote intellectual debate.

Learning with a view. The Mansueto Library in Chicago/USA – as good for the users as for the books and media stored there
Text: Alison Ritter, Sandra Lindner
It is a known fact that people in enclosed spaces need natural light and a view outside. That also applies to library users. On the other hand, daylight and books are not a natural match, given that the UV content in light fades ink and colours, turning paper yellow, or even brown with time. But what would a library be without people in it, let alone without books? For the Joe and Rika Mansueto Library in Chicago a team of architects, engineers and lighting designers developed an unconventional solution, which is as practical and pleasant for the users of the university library as it is for the media stored there.

Flower Power. Sandton City Protea Court in Johannesburg/RSA
Text: Anthony Tischhauser
Sandton is a wealthy district in the northern part of the City of Johannesburg and home to the South African Stock Exchange since the late 1990s. The latter is not number one on the city’s sightseeing list but rather Sandton City shopping centre, which is one of the largest in the whole of the country.

Beyond neon and marquee lighting. Iconic lighting identity for a multiplex in India
Text: Anusha Muthusubramanian
Those were the days – when movie theaters were adorned with glittering lights running along the marquee, façade and interiors, creating dynamic patterns to attract clientele. Neon lights in flamboyant colors, brightly sparkling, heavily ornamented decorative pendants, wall paneling and finishes using jazzy materials – all adding to the romantic art deco ambience.

Passion for lighting. Lighting Design – a profession for passionate people
Text: Victor Palacio
Any time two or more lighting designers come together they immediately share a very deep emotion: PASSION. Passion is the ‘glue’ that holds together architects, engineers, designers, artists, technicians, theater professionals, urban planners, conceptualists and many other people engaged in the same activity: LIGHTING. Lighting is frequently described as a mix of art and science. It is thus understood that a good lighting designer will develop creative solutions based on solid technical methodology. Additionally, lighting creates benefits to people and quality lighting can reduce the impact of energy use on the environment. Nevertheless, a definition of lighting design still remains to be formulated in such a way that colleagues are in agreement with it and all those who work with lighting designers fully understand it. The definition to date is generally related to the process pursued by designers as well as to their abilities, skills and the final outcomes of their work.


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