01. Jan 2012

No. 80 / 81 – Lighting design without luminaires

Dec 2011/Jan 2012

More than just an illusion. The Galleria Centercity in Cheonan/ROK offers visitors a lively and stimulating environment
Text: Joachim Ritter
Shopping malls fulfil a very necessary social function: they offer people places to meet, gather, eat and drink, shop and window shop – to see and be seen. Korea is no exception. A mall is not merely a commercial space; architects designing shopping malls have the opportunity to build upon and expand the visitor’s social and cultural experience. The modern-day architect’s interpretation of utility goes beyond efficiency and profitability. When UNStudio was commissioned to design Galleria Centercity in Cheonan they sought to generate a stimulating experience, in which the user, not the merchandise, is the central theme.

Organic. The Novamed Polyclinic in Zagreb/CRO features an extraordinary lighting design scheme – extraordinary for a healthcare facility 

Text: Dean Skira, Sandra Lindner, Deborah Burnett
Healthcare projects are a great challenge for lighting designers. Nowadays many medical institutions are being built to make the interior spaces look as non-institutional as possible. In addition to its practical functions, such as increasing security, providing visual comfort and enhancing people´s activities, lighting also has another important task: creating positive emotions! You might go as far as to say that we would like to see more people in hospitals with a smile on their faces – as a sign they are coping with their physical condition or diagnosed illnesses.

Placebo effect. a pharmacy with an impact in Athens/GR
Text: Petros Dermatas
In the foreword to the Greek edition of his book “Modern Architecture”, Kenneth Frampton suggested that no other capital in the world enjoys such a wide acceptance of modern architecture as Athens. In effect, Athens is stocked with an endless repetition of fairly indifferent apartment houses, the majority of which do not exceed six floors. This is mainly due to a law which restricts buildings from blocking the view towards the Parthenon, giving an overall human scale to the city’s architectural scheme. The Placebo pharmacy in Glyfada, a fashionable, upmarket suburb of Athens, stands out like a pleasant surprise in the otherwise rather dull modern-day Athenian cityscape.

What they are coming up with down under. Kings Avenue Overpass in Canberra/AUS
Text: Emrah Baki Ulas
In October 2011 Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh touched down in Canberra for a ten-day visit to Australia. The plan was to welcome Australia’s monarch to the national capital by lighting the new Kings Avenue overpass, which leads directly from the airport to the city centre, in red, white and blue. Whether the lighting designers had the queen in mind when they opted for LED lighting is debatable, but the solution is definitely unique and makes for a practical and highly functional solution for the brand new traffic hub.

Gestalt theory
Text: Anusha Muthusubramanian
In the active process of visual perception the eye and brain scan for visual stimuli that relate to the biological need for visual order and meaning in the environment. Part of the human visual perception system involves a dynamic self organizational tendency to maintain a sense of equilibrium when the eye is confronted with visual overload.

Drawing in architectural lighting design
Text: Anastasia Skipetari, Steffen Nijhuis
Drawing is an important tool for lighting designers. Not only as a means of visual communication but also to aid visual thinking. As a process and product, drawing is a constituent part of the overall lighting design process, from concept to realisation. The emphasis is usually placed on drawing as a presentation medium, a means to communicate ideas, either elaborating on technical aspects of the design or revealing the envisaged visual impression.

PLDC 2011 in Madrid. New Horizons
Text: Joachim Ritter
It is not an easy task defining an overall motto that “says it all” about an event two years before it even takes place. Which makes it all the more reassuring to know that the slogan for PLDC 2011 in Madrid hit the nail on its proverbial head. The international lighting design industry was really ready to ‘vamos’ and aim for new horizons …

International Fair meets rual charm: Alingsås 2011
Text: Sandra Lindner
Alingsås is a quiet nest 50 kilometres north-east of Gothenburg. For five weeks every autumn streams of international visitors flock to the little Swedish town from all over the world, teams of international students clad in uniform weatherproof jackets are seen all over town, climbing trees, clambering up ladders on house fronts…That can only mean one thing: the Lights in Alingsås workshop is underway!


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