01. Mar 2011

No. 76 – Shop lighting

Mar/Apr 2011

Luisa via Roma fashion store in Florence/I
Text: Alison Ritter
Design does not always revolve solely around aesthetics and function, but in the fashion world these aspects areas crucial to the success of the garment as to the space or store in which the fashion items are displayed and sold. Fashion by its very nature changes with time. If the items of clothing themselves are so subject to change, then clothing stores and boutiques have every right to change their image, ambience and sales message accordingly. But they have to ‘get it right’.

Cha Cha tea shop in Taipei/TWA
Text: Alison Ritter
Tea can be exquisite, healing, calming, convivial or just plain thirst-quenching. In every case it is refreshing and warming, even in the hottest of countries. Synaesthetes would doubtless associate tea with the sound of a cello and warm colours. Whether the new tea store in Taipei has engaged a cellist to support sales remains to be seen, but warm, mellow colours feature strongly and are skilfully enhanced through the lighting, creating the perfect ambience for a tea store.

Kastner & Öhler in Graz/A
Text: Joachim Ritter
The department store Kastner & Öhler in Graz is what one would generally describe as a consumer’s paradise with a long tradition. The displays are attractive, high-quality, elegant in the traditional sense. That said: high-level uniform brightness was no longer felt to be a contemporary approach for presenting the garments and commodities for sale. But how could a balance be found between the necessity to reduce energy consumption and the growing demand on the part of the client for sophisticated lighting compositions and scenarios? The solution lies in modern and detailed planning using state-of-the-art technologies.

OMG shoe shop in Linz/A
Text: Joachim Ritter
They are one of the most grateful target groups any shop designer or lighting designer could wish for: women on the constant look-out for the right shoes. For a lighting designer working in this branch of retail you cannot go far wrong. The challenge is to come up with a solution that is not standard…

Shop lighting application study
Text: Zumtobel
Evidence-based is more than a buzzword in the professional world, and when it comes to lighting it is all the more important because it is what makes the difference between ‘people who do lighting’ and designers who are qualified to design human-oriented lighting for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Good lightingfills the tills
Text: Reinhard Vedder
There are few topics related to shop design that arouse as many aspirations among retailers as the change-over from conventional shop lighting to LED technology. To date LEDs are no less expensive to buy than conventional light sources. The good news is that LED technology still offers sufficient economic and design advantages to warrant making the changeover right away. It therefore makes sense to take a look at the current trends in display and shop lighting and how LED technology can enhance the shop-ping experience and help fill the tills.

Role models
Text: Joachim Ritter
Any community or society needs to refer to examples of what went before – ‘things that work’ – and to role models against whom one can measure oneself. Role models must be successful and represent a philosophy that is understand able and authentic. Without role models young people have a hard job defining their goal in life. We need role models in everything we do.

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