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No. 74 – Office spaces

Oct/Nov 2010

Deloitte Headquarters in Copenhagen/DK
A Scott is a Mondrian in four dimensions
Text: Joachim Ritter
In spite of the countless number of projects that are completed every year around the globe it is not very often that one stands out as being a truly perfect piece of work, which even after careful examination and evaluation can be described as successful, appealing and truly convincing. It is unusual to experience a project that you never get tired of viewing and that maintains its fascination even after years. It is unusual to experience a lighting installation that offers a continuous flow of perspectives and impressions without being colourful even though it does have a dynamic component and colour plays a significant role. There is such a project, and the amazing thing is it is so far only known to very few.

Santander Bank Headquarters in São Paulo/BR
Brazilian style efficiency

Text: Andréa Espírito Santo
Any company deciding to broaden its operations into new markets is bound to face a number of challenges, especially those of a cultural nature. A transnational head office can serve to integrate company employees and the company itself into the society, thus efficiently reinforcing corporate identity – even better when that identity is related to maintaining good practices such as sustainability.

Sky Office Düsseldorf/D
Refinement meets requirements

Text: Andrea Louafi
If you happen to work for – or own – any of the companies that quickly became tenants of the Sky Office in Düsseldorf, your feeling of pride at being part of such a striking addition to the Düsseldorf skyline may well be surpassed by the reassuring thought that the office(s) you occupy are extremely pleasant places to work in. This obviously has nothing to do with the outward appearance of the building, be it by day or night, but lies rather in the quality of light in the different office environments, which comprises a successful combination of daylight and electric light.

Sky and sun
Daylight as a point of departure for lighting design

Text: Mafalda Rangel
Technological development in the 90s gave rise to design tools that enabled us to create ideal artificial climatic environments indoors. Buildings were designed in the form of closed envelopes with a super-protection barrier between indoor and outdoor space. We believed that sealing the buildings using thick insulation and double-glazing would create optimal comfort zones for their users. However, research has shown that closed envelopes produce various health problems affecting human performance.

When research meets design
Office lighting
Text: Dr. Amardeep M. Dugar
“In an ideal world there […] would be a smooth and obvious transfer of knowledge from lighting research to lighting design. Researchers would be the producers of knowledge and understanding. Designers would be the consumers of that knowledge. But this is not an ideal world. […] anyone examining current lighting practice might suspect that lighting researchers and lighting designers inhabit different planets.” (Boyce 1987)

The Light Within
A deeper insight into teh relationship between man and light

Text: Vellachi Ganesan
I have always known somewhere deep within myself there lies light. In the darkest hour of the night, during the silence of a sunrise or as the sunlight filters into the thicket of a forest, I have felt the presence of this light, of myself, of my own being come forth. Such moments hold the deepest human experiences and it is in pursuit of such moments that I continue my journey. What is the primary relationship between man and light?

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