05. Oct 2010

No. 73 – Light for body and soul

Aug/Sept 2010

Dove of peace
Palace of International Forumsin Tashkent/UZ
Text: Pfarré Lighting, Joachim Ritter
It is time we started focusing our attention on Central Asia again. For centuries nations such as Kazakhstan, Tadzhikistan and Uzbekistan were suppressed by a series of conquering warlords, the last being the Soviet occupation. At the same time, Central Asia has always been the geographical interface for trade between Europe and the Far East. These states are currently witnessing an economic revival and beginning to feel more confident in the future, which in turn is expressed in the quality of some recently completed architectural projects.

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Library in Leipzig/D
Text: Susanne Brenninkmeijer
The reading rooms in the new library and media centre in Connewitz near Leipzig/D designed by Berlin-based architects Léon Wohlhage Wernik extend eleven metres into the urban space. The projecting roof gives rise to a small covered public space that allows the new building to stand confident and proud against the adjacent historic urban backdrop. The strong presence of the building and its consequential intensive dialogue with the world around it mean that light plays a primary role. Not too little and not too much was apparently the goal. Sounds simple, but reality tells another story.

Out of the dark…
Nuestra Señora de la Asunción y del ManzanoChurch, Hondarribia/E
Text: Intervento/ Andréa Espírito Santo
When we enter old buildings and revisit the past in order to recreate historical facts and features, we sometimes discover beautiful treasures that appear to have lost their value over time. This may be due to lack of aesthetic taste or lack of initiative to properly maintain an old structure with technical equipment which, although belonging to another era, can help safeguard our cultural heritage and enchant the curious eyes of those who seek its origin.

Three churches, three concepts
Text: Mario Haunhorst
The interior and exterior illumination for places of worship is more than a purely technical challenge. The various ways a church space is used – for services, concerts or “only” to view works of art for free – mean that the lighting design needs to meet a wide range of requirements.

Daylight design for healthy learning environments
Text: Barbara Matusiak
Two thousand years ago the citizens of The Roman Empire considered exposure to the sun to be so important that they had right-to-sunlight legislation! The pioneers of Modernism in architecture, Le Corbusier and Walter Gropius, recognized that the light levels necessary for health were much higher than those required for vision; they designed with the sun in mind.
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