05. May 2010

 No. 71 – Media facades – light as a conveyor of information

Mar/Apr 2010

Watercolours of Light
Star City in Seoul/ROK
Text: Amber Ga Young Lee
When living in a metropolis like Seoul urban scenarios, tangled with the frantic nature of a densely populated city, car-packed streets and monstrous skyscrapers, are almost a cliché. The chaos of the city hardly allows its dwellers to step out from the crazy whirl of urban life to look around and enjoy their surroundings. But here, within a forest of towers, Korean lighting design practice Eon SLD together with the Uchihara Lighting Design Group from Japan have made an attempt to turn plain, dull facades into a vibrant gallery, inviting visitors to feel the sky, the earth and the sea, painted on the gigantic walls of a building.

Once upon a time in the east
City of Dreams in Macau/ROC
Text: Alison Ritter
If you thought Las Vegas was the be-all and end-all of a gambler’s paradise, you should take a closer look at Macau in China. The history of Macau dates back to well over 200 years B.C., but it was not until the Portuguese arrived in the 16th century that Macau began to develop as a major settlement. Their main source of income nowadays is tourism and gambling. When the City of Dreams, an urban entertainment complex in Macau, opened in June 2009 it set an optimistic tone for today’s global real estate market. The façade lighting underscores this optimism in a breath-taking media display.

Less or Else is Becoming a Bore
Lighting Design and digital media
Text: Brad Koerner
Is it possible in this age of media facades, coloured dynamic lighting and information overflow to make do with simpler more sustainable concepts? Of course it is! Perhaps it is the idea of Less is More that appeals to us right now. Creativity on the part of the designer is what is required.

Animation and digital lighting
Proposal for a technology transfer
Text: Aksel Karcher
With the increasing availability and use of lighting control systems the term ‘scenographic lighting’ has found its way into the world of lighting design. In former times, and given the technical equipment available, this was reduced to switching from one scene to the next. This article will give insight into the interesting and dynamic variations on this theme that adjacent disciplines such as computer animation, can provide.

Perception of nuances
OMG…he’s green!
Text: Deborah Burnett
Last September as I turned on the television to watch President Barack Obama address the United Nations for an important speech, I was horrified at the sickly appearance of the world leader staring back at me. Instead of watching a powerful message delivered by a youthful, vibrant and ‘picture of health’ world leader, I was transfixed by the green-faced, baggy-eyed features of someone who had the voice and energetic mannerisms of Obama but appeared considerably older, haggard and sickly. Talk about mixed perceptual signals!

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