Project team:

Client: RD Construction (RD Group)

Architecture and design: IND Architects;

17. Oct 2017

RD Construction headquarters in Moscow/RU.

Text: Jo-Eike Vormittag
Photos: Alexey Zarodov

A corporate office facility can sometimes drift into becoming a city of its own within the city. The surface area comprising corridors, rooms of different sizes and workspaces is extensive and “heavily populated”: it has developed its own working infrastructure, an administrative and organisational structure that ensures all processes and workflow remain intact; then there are spaces for people to rest and relax in that look like bedrooms, lounges like living rooms, and all kinds of workstations. All the features of a residential home, in fact – and enough things to buy to eat, or fully equipped kitchens if you prefer the hands-on approach. And of course the opportunity to pursue leisure activities. Viewed in these terms, RD Construction’s headquarters in Moscow could be classified as a no-nonsense, ultra-modern office city within the city …

What the construction company, which is part of the RD Group, has had designed as their office environment looks like something out of a science-fiction film. This goal was underscored by the concept and the company portfolio from the start, and is confirmed in the end result.

Anyone entering the spacious office environment feels as if they are floating above the clouds. RD Construction had already realised a large number of urban and future-oriented projects; now it was their own offices’ turn. The concept for the construction company’s offices is based on three key words: City, Future and Innovation, which underlie the company’s own focus and qualities, and also formed the basis for the architectural and the lighting design. Architecture and design were defined in the initial stage of the project, with the lighting complementing the architects’ intention and accentuating the design ideas.

“City” was translated into the office’s design in the form of high-quality finishing materials usually used in facade finishing and applied by RD Construction in large-scale urban projects: metal panels, fibre-reinforced concrete, and glass. Used creatively, they fit perfectly in the office interior, generating the feeling of being in the heart of a megalopolis within the office. In the same way that the company bears responsibility for their projects through careful planning, life inside the office is likewise planned “to a T”. Lines, surfaces and purposefully applied colour to align with the discreet predominantly white colour scheme. Glazed sections of the facade provide views onto the surrounding cityscape. Inside the office, glass is used to subdivide spaces, forming interior walls and partitions.

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