06. Mar 2015

Strategic acquisition of Griven

The Nordeon-Group has further strengthened its comprehensive proposition to the market through the strategic acquisition of Italian based Griven. Griven specializes in architectural lighting solutions and is very complimentary to the Hess product portfolio and offerings to architects and lighting designers across the globe. As part of the Nordeon-Group, Griven will continue to operate independently under its own brand through its existing organization and management team in Castel Goffredo, Italy.

Patrick van Rossum, Partner of Varova, the owner of the Nordeon-Group, sees a win-win situation in the acquisition for both companies: “With its broad product and lighting solution portfolio, its extensive technological know-how and deep understanding of architectural markets, Griven will substantially strengthen the market position of our Hess subsidiary. Griven will be able to further accelerate the execution of its strategic agenda and benefit from the existing market access of Hess – particularly in the US and Germany.”


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