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No. 85 – Sports stadiums

Nov/Dec 2012

Light in underground stations. Lighting in the way beyond the requirements
Text: Magna Ferreira Schulz
Underground stations today are more than transit systems designed to transport city dwellers and visitors across town in the fastest, safest way possible and relieve road traffic. They also contribute to the status and identity of the city and its inhabitants. Design has begun to play an increasingly important role when planning stations. A lighting designer must go beyond standard requirements and create a custom solution for that particular station that will facilitate wayfinding but also please users aesthetically. Light can help to create this kind of attraction and a sense of uniqueness for the environment. A valuable and indirectly sustainable side effect is the increased interest in using public transportation. The number of good design projects for stations is growing, although there are not so many sources of reference for this sector of the lighting design industry.

Colour theory in modern cinema
Text: Dorukalp Durmus
Colour in cinema can be defined as a context for meaning, indicating that what we perceive is fantasy or reality. Colour is not just a complimentary perceptual property of light. It also has a robust subliminal effect on our visual system. With the story it tells, colour is able to alter any given content significantly.

Daylight(think)ing: The sky’s the limit when you go back to the roots. Daylighting summer course in Vicenza/I
Text: Alison Ritter
Study trips, many a critic may be heard to say, have very little to do with everyday practice. The summer course held by the University of Florida in Vicenza/I proved exactly the opposite. A group pf 24 international students and practising designers headed by Giovanni Traverso spent 14 days together visiting and experiencing daylight projects and exploring their own ideas on the subject in a practical workshop. The latter resulted in a series of exciting and inspiring new designs.

Dynamic quality, technology and passion. World-first large-scale interactive lighting installation on the façade of the National Stadium of Peru in Lima
Text: Joachim Ritter
The Olympic Games in London once again showed that lighting design is as important for the success of a sports event as the event itself. Since the facade design for the football stadium in Munich hit the headlines – and the TV screens – it was pretty clear that light can communicate what is going on inside the arena to the world outside. The new facade on the National Stadium in Lima, Peru takes this a step further and displays the mood of the spectators watching their team(s) on the pitch … Again it is LED technology and lighting controls that make this possible. Dynamic quality, technology and passion – expressed in light.

The National Stadium in Warsaw/PL
Text: Joachim Ritter, Thomas Müller
The UEFA European Football Championship 2012 came and went in next to no time. For some the event was a huge success, for the rest less so, as was to be expected. The host countries are always left with some new architecture and one or more new stadiums. In that regard, Poland and the Ukraine can also consider themselves winners. They have gained new stadiums that demonstrate visionary lighting design. The lighting for the new stadium in Warsaw was even designed by a team of designers whose name is already an indication of future-oriented planning…

Floating Ball. Freedom of design meets reality. Football stadium in Kiev
Text: Joachim Ritter
To be able to host the 2012 European football championships the Olympic Stadium in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev – originally built in 1923 – underwent extensive renovation work based on a design by German architects Gerkan, Marg und Partners (GMP), the same architects’ firm that was behind the Warsaw stadium project. The general conditions for the Kiev project were, however, completely different from those for the Polish stadium and the lighting design practice, in this case Conceptlicht, also made for a different, but equally competent and creative partner.


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