13. Apr 2017

No. 104 – Shoplighting 4.0


Hanging out
The beautiful side of morbid – the Denim R&D Centre in Istanbul/TR.

Text: Joachim Ritter
Photos: Şafak Emrence

Only two different types of luminaire were used in this project. LEDs have been integrated into the clothes rails to illuminate the wall surfaces, and linear luminaires have been applied to provide the ambient lighting. Minimum effort for maximum effect. The design of this Denim R&D Centre in Istanbul/TR is so good that it requires very little means and only simple solutions to work. At the same time it is the concept of contrast seals the deal.


Keeping heels, standards and sales high
The Stuart Weitzman flagship store in Milan/IT.

Text: Alison Ritter
Photos: courtesy of Jacopo Spilimbergo

Designer Stuart Weitzman has boutiques all over the world. The range of styles and attention to detail show very clearly that the fashion footwear he produces reveals the touch of a master shoemaker. Not surprising then that he chose to commission renowned architect Zaha Hadid to design an innovative concept for his six-window flagship store in Milan/IT.


Focus on fashion
A stage play about light and fashion – in several acts.

Text: Jo-Eike Vormittag
Photos: Satoshi Shigeta

One key advantage of state-of-the-art lighting technology is that it can be applied in an extremely precise fashion. This project, a branch of Dolce&Gabbana in Tokyo/JP, demonstrates how this potential can be used as a means of design. Specific display areas are innovatively defined by light. Without light even the noblest of fashion garments remain literally in the dark.


Sensual reflections
The Fun Factory in Munich/DE.

Text: Jo-Eike Vormittag

When two like-minded people love each other so much, we attempt to describe this kind of relationship as an invisible band that links the two. In the project that is the focus of this article, the unspoken feelings described above also apply, but could be seen as having a double meaning. A visit to the Fun Factory Store in Munich/DE might even lead to sensory or extrasensory ties between partners being strengthened or rediscovered. At the same time, Fun Factory features ties of a different, and highly visible kind: lines of light that wind their way between the sections of the design boutique.


Let’s take the train
Oslo’s central railway station Østbanehallen adds to the traveller’s urban and shopping experience.

Text: Joachim Ritter
Photos: Tomasz Majewski

Modern transportation structures are to a certain extent comparable to shopping malls: rows of shops, stores and cafés one after the other. The Østbanehallen project in Oslo/NO is a truly successful combination of railway station and shopping centre, achieved through purposefully designed lighting.



Light shift for work shifts
How can biomedical research support retail lighting design?

Text: Betina Tschiedel Martau und André Comiran Tonon

In the past 150 years, our society has gone through a number of significant changes in lighting configurations. Before the advent of electric light, our ecosystems were regulated solely by the rhythms of sunrise and sunset. These transitions in natural lighting occur gradually over the 24 hours that comprise one day. However, the modern world has changed the way we align ourselves to such patterns. We primarily use electric lighting systems with fixed colour temperatures and illuminances during the daytime and for a large part of the hours of darkness we refer to as night.



The long and winding road – a benefit for all concerned
The need for a career path in Lighting Design.

Text: Alison Ritter

How would anyone of school leaving age hit upon the idea of becoming a lighting designer? Who is able to explain what a lighting designer is, and what s/he does for whom and why? The know-how and experience gathered by practicing lighting designers from around the world over the years, and the creative skills that have developed with each commissioned job, need pooling into a clearly defined structure: a career path in Lighting Design. A tough task – a long and winding the road – but a benefit for all concerned.



A common effort
It is time to form an alliance.

Text: Joachim Ritter

In times when there is talk about building walls along boundaries again, and populists are free to run riot (or cause riots) with their superficial statements, journalists are positively overloaded with work and opportunities – a wide variety of leads to research and masses of actions and statements to comment and shed light on. What we are currently witnessing on the global political landscape is more than the prospect of endless hours of overtime …

At which point it is very valid to wonder what the presidency of the egomanic and populist Donald “Dagobert Duck” Trump, or a Brexit without an exit, has to do with lighting design? Let me put it like this: appointing a man who denies the existence of global warming Minister of Environmental Affairs is the equivalent of Trump hitting upon the idea of making a Mexican President of the IALD…!




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