23. Jan 2017

No. 103 – Hotel

Light Loci in Greece
Andronikos Hotel on Mykonos/GR.

Text: Joachim Ritter
Photos: Nikos Vandoros, Akis Paraskevopoulos

They say that the light in Greece is very special. It is the light that is responsible for the deep blue colour of the Aegean Sea. A blue that is so pure and clear, so unusual and distinctive, that it has been incorporated into the national flag. The sky and the sea are part of what the Greeks consider to be their identity and attitude to life. The Aegean is a perfect example of the term “Light Loci”.


Mexican skies
The Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen resort in Mexico.

Text: Alison Ritter
Photos: Paul Rivera

Mexican skies have to be seen to be believed. Add to that the turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean, and you are really talking about a sensual experience that many would find hard to resist. The perfect location for a holiday resort. A breathtakingly beautiful backdrop against which to recharge your batteries. The Yucatan Peninsula is indeed a fast-growing tourist destination and the paradise-like Playa del Carmen on the southern side of the peninsula therefore the perfect site for a purposefully designed hotel resort.


Creativity required
Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine in Sardón de Duero/ES.

Text: Joachim Ritter, Andrea Rayhrer
Photos: Marcus Ebener, Berlin

Developing a new lighting design for a project that was built 800 years ago is both an honour and a challenge. The daily work of a designer calls for respect for the history and charm of architecture that was designed in a completely different era and for a different purpose, and requires courage when it comes to designing lighting to transport the reutilised spaces into modern times.


A serendipitous experience
The Tuve boutique hotel in Hong Kong/CN with a touch of Sweden.

Text: Joachim Ritter
Photos: Matteo Carcelli

There are hotels and there boutique hotels, the latter generally being on a smaller scale and featuring a special, more intimate atmosphere. It is not the number of rooms – all more or less the same and designed to provide a service rather than an experience – that ensures a hotel is economically viable. Hotel guests prefer accommodation that has an individual quality, a unique feel: creative design, a space that is unusual or exceptional even, and the impression that this is a hotel you need to have stayed in at least once in a lifetime.


Practical issues:

Meaningful defragmentation
Engaging design research strategies in the education and practice of architectural lighting.

Text: Dr. Amardeep M. Dugar und Dr. Karolina M. Zielinska-Dabkowska

The definition of design research in the realm of architectural lighting revolves around what research is, and where it belongs in design education and practice. The premise is that design research functions as a development of practice, rather than as a distraction to it. This article explores the role of design research in evolving innovative approaches towards design and the implementation of best practice. It reviews literature to identify different approaches to design research, and develops a relevant knowledge base framework by defragmenting and building upon existing bodies of frameworks. Finally, it demonstrates practical applications of this defragmented framework by analysing architectural lighting projects, which are used as case studies.



Destined for collective failure
London is about to throw a lot of money into the Thames.

Text: Joachim Ritter
Photo: MRC and Leo Villareal and Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands

At the risk of not being allowed to cross British borders in future, I simply cannot hold back my open and honest opinion, which many people will no doubt share anyway. The Brexit referendum was already a fiasco, but it seems we are in for an even greater fiasco if you look at what is being considered as the winning lighting schemes for London’s bridges over the Thames. Whoever dared to believe “it won’t be that bad” is in for a shock. The jury is destined to fail collectively when selecting “the winners”!


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