19. Jul 2016

Kekkilä Garden’s “Green Shed”

In order to be open to nature, you have to become part of it. Live and blend in with nature, respect and benefit from it. “Green Shed” from Kekkilä Garden/FI is a new interpretation of this experience.


The tiny shed-cum-greenhouse is designed for small-scale growing and storing garden tools, as well as for leisure and enjoyment. It is pretty clear that the charming glasshouse is the result of teamwork – designers and gardening experts who got together to develop the idea.



Available in two pre-fabricated sizes, “Sprout” (four square metres) and “Zeal” (six square metres), the Green Sheds can be built using the same modules, and are easy to assemble. Additional modules are available to enable the shed to be further customised to meet individual requirements. The Finnish company who makes them have paid special attention to ensure the construction is durable and of high quality. The Green Sheds are made of Finnish pine and toughened safety glass and can be painted in any colour the owner wishes. Ventilation is handled via an automatic opening that reacts to temperature.

The all-round view through the glass not only serves to let natural light penetrate the space from sunrise to sunset, but gives the user the feeling he is opening his heart to nature and has come a lot closer to being part of the world.


Architect: Ville Hara (avanto architects)

Interior architect: Linda Bergroth (freelancer)


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