Produktdiskussionen: Back to nature instead of digital overload

24. Feb 2016

Spaces full of light and shadow effects using natural materials

Text: Joachim Ritter

In this day and age it would appear that the luminaire has served its time as a design element within a space. Light is integrated into the architecture, defining, shaping and determining our living and working spaces. And yet there are still a few to be found – surprising solutions which incorporate fascinating luminaire designs that are truly awesome…


The designs created by Polish artist Przemek Krawczyński go far beyond what is traditionally understood to be a luminaire. They are a means with which to fill the space with light and art, to overpower it. And the viewer along with it. Przemek Krawczyński’s approach is definitely going against the flow of digitisation: “Light is kind of magic: insubstantial, yet visible. It is something that can change our material world and the way we perceive it in a thousand ways. After all, it is light that winds our body clock; it naturally boosts our mood and heals us.“ […]

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