16. Mar 2015

Abstract flames

Photos: Tomasz Zakrzewski

When embarking on the design for the Museum of Fire in Żory /PL, the architects from OVO Grabczewscy Architekci sought inspiration in the name of the city itself, which means “fire”. Given the layout of the site, the main challenge was to define a suitable shape for the building. The structural design and the triangular glowing copper plates that make up the outer facade are designed to symbolise dancing flames. Lines of light reflected on the dramatically shaped surfaces make the effect all the more vivid. Triangular zig-zag flame shapes are also applied inside the building for some of the ceilings. The diffuse bright light from the ceiling is a direct contrast to the illuminated copper plates, which also feature in the interior architectural design.

The lines of light on the outer facade are generated with the aid of spotlights with different beam angles. Inside the museum building, the ceiling is designed to act as a diffuser: fluorescent light sources are mounted behind the translucent ceiling panels. Additional spots have been applied in the entrance areas to assist wayfinding.

The museum complex comprises a multi-purpose space with a reception on the ground floor and an exhibition hall with an underground multi-media show on the properties of fire in the basement.

Project team:

Client: Local administration office from Żory, Nowe Miasto Żory Ltd.
Architects: OVO Grabczewscy Architekci – Barbara Grabczewska, Oskar Grabczewski
Lighting solution: ES – System Polska Sp
Semi-translucent ceiling material: Barrisol


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