16. Oct 2015

Light for a natural retreat

Architects: Jackson Clements Burrows Pty Ltd Architects –
Tim Jackson, Jon Clements, Graham Burrows, Jessie Legge
Photos: Gollings Studio – Jeremy Weihrauch

We are all a sum of the light impressions that we collect…

Melbourne-based architects Jackson Clements Burrows designed the Moonlight Cabin as a holiday home on the far south-west coast of Victoria in Australia. It is owned by a family with two children.

The architects’ idea was to create a place to retreat to and engage with the ephemeral conditions of the landscape. The door and window openings have received shutters with round perforations. During the daytime these shutters provide protection against excessive incident daylight. After dark, the light from inside the cabin casts a structured pattern of rows of pools of light onto the surrounding surfaces, like an architectural candle-holder.

The bright light of the moon stands in contrast to the light emitted by the Moonlight Cabin, but the impression – and it is spectacular – is a lasting one.

The small footprint of 60 square metres offers space for a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room and places to sleep. The lighting makes the cabin habitable and cosy. The modest structure is designed to be passively environmentally responsive, ultimately reducing energy use.


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