18. Mar 2015

Urban-scale flip book

Photos: Miguel de Guzmán

The temporary installation entitled “Moon” that was designed for Gran Via in Madrid/E for the last Christmas season gave car drivers and people strolling down Gran Via the surprising opportunity to see the moon in motion. The light art installation was based on the concept of a flip book, or flick book, but readapted for the public realm. A series of altogether 31 different moon images were strung along the street: the impression of movement was generated as drivers and pedestrians moved along the street. The sequence of images represented a trip to the moon. The first images showed the moon further away, with ensuing images zooming in on the moon as people progressed along the road. The moon images were rendered via light coloured LEDs on dark cables. The rest of the LED mesh that supported the series of flip book moons comprised blue LEDs.

Gran Via is the home of numerous shops, ice cream parlours and famous Spanish theatres, which is why it is usually full of cars and pedestrians. Instead of the traditional Christmas lighting Madrid generally organises, the city offered all and sundry a trip to the moon from December 2014 to January 2015. Fly me to… Madrid!

Project team:

Client: Madrid City Council
Installation design: Brut Deluxe – Ben Busche, Philip Baumann, Elisa Luda


MOON. Christmas Lights Gran Via Madrid 2014-2015 from ImagenSubliminal on Vimeo.

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