18. Aug 2014

A mirror that is both a reflector and a light source

Design: Hayo Gebauer
Photos: Hayo Gebauer

“Moiré Mirror” is a round mirror with a diameter of 60 centimetres. What is special about this mirror is that it also serves as a light source – and more. The way the mirror is constructed is both functional and innovative: one small and one large ring-shaped fluorescent lamp are mounted on a steel frame. Directly in front of the lamps is a rotatable round acrylic glass disc with a special striped pattern. This disc is a little smaller than the mirror itself, which comprises the final layer. The mirror has a lightproof pattern on the rear side. This is not visual to the viewer front on. Once the acrylic glass disc behind the mirror is rotated, the mirror reveals different patterns in white, as well as light and dark, giving rise to a moiré effect.

Design student Hayo Gebauer developed “Moiré Mirror” as part of his final thesis at the University of Fine Arts in Brunswick/D. The interactive mirror provides an excellent opportunity for viewers to discover different aspects of their own reflection.


Moiré Mirror from Hayo Gebauer on Vimeo.

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