Project team:

Client: Ruentex Development Co., Ltd.
Architect: Wong&Wong Associates, Architects and Planners
Interior designer: Holly Design


Products applied:

Exterior: LED strips: 3000 Kelvin, For Shine Lighting Corporation
Curtain wall: floodlights, 70 watt HIT lamps, For Shine Lighting Corporation
Glass tower: 26 floodlights, 70 watt PAR38 CDM lamps, For Shine Lighting
Interior: Belt Light: LED strips, 3000 Kelvin, Charm Home Lighting Co., Ltd.
LED downlights: 12 watts, 3000 Kelvin, Charm Home Lighting Co., Ltd
Cigar Light: 155 one-watt LEDs, 3000 Kelvin, Chung Den Int. Lighting Corporation
Light for hanging sculpture: three-watt LED Spotlight, Mixer Lighting Enterprise Co., Ltd.

02. Dec 2009

The quiet welcome

Text: David Müller
Photos: Jeffrey Cheng

What is creativity? According to an online encyclopedia creativity is a “mental and social process involving the generation of new ideas, concepts or associations”. Pure creativity lies at the heart of the profession of lighting design. But a design is only good if its centre of focus is the human being. Together with architect and interior designer Wing Hun Wong, Taiwanese lighting designer Ta-Wei Lin has created a residential building with an atmosphere that is both complimentary and intimate. Instead of trying to impress with variegated, colorful lights and unwanted sparkle the resulting scheme refers quietly to natural forms and structures. With its very own kind of charm Ruentex Tunhua-Renai Residential Building welcomes its guests with a huge wooden egg, a white tongue and 155 glass cigars.

Ruentex Tunhua-Renai is a 27-story residential building situated alongside the traffic circle of the 70-meter-wide Tunhua South Road and the 60-meter-wide Renai Road in Taiwan’s capital Taipei. Corporate headquarters and high-end buildings located around the circle represent different architectural styles that have developed in the city over recent decades. Property values in this area are among the most expensive in Taipei. The site rests between a stone building of classical proportions and details on its left and a modern curtain wall building on its right. Architect Wing Hung Wong has created an aesthetic transition between the two with a façade that combines a strong stone base, tile, and a 45-meter-high cured curtain wall with a printed pattern, thereby reflecting the environment outside the building. The landmark Tai Shin Financial Tower, designed by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners architects and with lighting designed by Fisher Marantz Stone Inc., is located on the other side of the circle. These two iconic buildings serve as a frame to Taipei City Hall, which is located further east at the terminus of Renai Road. CWI Lighting Design Inc. first became involved in the conceptual design of the building in 2004. The owner and the architect were especially concerned about the lighting for this structure. Their objective was to ensure that the building was visible, but they did not want the lighting to disturb residents. The building was to be lit in an elegant, yet energy saving manner. […]
The full version of the article can be found in PLD No. 69

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