08. Aug 2014

A conference staged in outer space?

Architects: Liong Lie Architects – Liong Lie
Photos: Christiaan de Bruijne

Architect Liong Lie and his team are the creative minds behind the 3500 square metre “Supernova” conference zone in the Jaarbeurs exhibition and convention centre in Utrecht/NL. The conference area comprises a lobby and four conference rooms, one of which is called “Mission”. This is where a congress can become a truly spacy experience. “Mission” is a science-fiction world. Custom-designed bright white rod-like luminaires are pendant mounted from the panelled ceiling. The transparent polycarbonate panels are printed with images of outer space and backlit by TL lamps. In combination with a reflective strip along the top part of the wall, the effect is one of infinity. The rest of the walls, which comprise black perforated panels, and the black carpeted floor are linked via continuous LED light strips organised as a grid. The room comes across as being undeniably cosmic, like a space capsule. The rows of white chairs, which seat up to 430, reflect the white and coloured light from above and render the space in a variety of hues – from astounding white to glowing magenta or green – as if in a dimension of its own. The lighting experience is purposefully unusual for a conference space and is designed to inspire attendees of any conference held there to become part of the knowledge sharing and exchange of ideas. The way to the future clearly begins with (a) “Mission”?


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