15. Jan 2016


Neoclassical media facade

Photos: Cosmin Dragomir

When designing the facade of the Mercure Hotel in the centre of Bucharest the team of architects from the Arhi Grup reinterpreted architectural and symbolic elements from the immediate vicinity. The houses on the street where the hotel is located were an inspiration for the arched windows, which are playfully alternated with rectangular ones. The graphical collage of cultural symbols that spans the façade and incorporates a series of muses, symbolic features and neoclassical architecture, all made of light, generates the impression of a huge modern fresco. The architecture and the symbols are a homage to Bucharest’s Romanian Athenaeum, a concert hall and significant landmark in the Romanian capital. The muses depicted on the façade are inspired by the pair of muses “descending” from the ceiling in George Enescu Museum, which is housed in Cantacuzino Palace, George Enescu being a famous Romanian composer. Both these buildings are close by the hotel, which is located on a street named after the famous musician.


The building facade has received a layer of CNC-perforated panels, placed at a certain distance from the facade supports and creating the look and feel of depth by alternating light and shade, achieved by programming LED strip lighting mounted on the rear of the perforated panels.

Project team:

Architects: Arhi Grup – George Mihalache, Bogdan Stoica
Structural design: Zagaican Birou de Structuri
Facade contractor: Moldivars


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