23. Feb 2017

NRW state parliament making savings with LED illumination

The entire lighting system of the plenary hall in the Düsseldorf state parliament was extensively renewed during the summer break. The original lighting with high-output metal halide lamps has been replaced by recessed LED lights from Hoffmeister. The President of the State Parliament, Eckhard Uhlenberg, believes that the annual energy costs will fall from currently EUR 50,000 to EUR 5,000 as a result.

In order to achieve this target, the DL170 un.limited LED downlights used have been equipped with dimmable controls which allow for their regulation according to the level of natural light. The components used are compatible with television recordings. The drivers and LEDs ensure flicker-free operation when on full power and when dimmed, especially in the frequency range critical to television recordings. The illumination was planned by the renowned lighting designer Peter Andres, Consultant engineer for light planning, Hamburg.

The recessed luminaires are equipped with highly efficient 2000 lm LED modules with a power consumption of only 36W. As the luminaires are positioned at a great height, maintenance intervals play a big role when considering their efficiency. The luminaires can only be reached using elaborate scaffolding. LED lights such as the DL170 un.limited have a clear advantage in this regard. With an average life cycle of 50,000 hours, they don´t need any maintenance for many years. The downlights are equipped with passive flow.tec thermal management. Without active, moving elements, without additional energy consumption and without wear, the flow.tec system maximises heat dissipation away from the LED surface in the DL 170 un.limited. Low temperatures are a prerequisite for low-impact operation of these luminaires to ensure maximum luminous power and a long life cycle. The elimination of solid cooling elements reduces the inherent weight of the light. Thanks to this weight-optimised design, the overall eco-balance of the DL170 LED luminaires is also significantly better than that of luminaires with electrically operated active cooling systems or solid aluminium cooling elements.

Besides the expected energy savings, the overall look of the plenary hall has also been enhanced. The luminaires pick up the rounding of the distinctive ceiling design, pleasantly complementing the overall impression. Although visually recessed themselves, their light effect still contributes significantly to the interior design.

Client: Land Nordrhein-Westfalen

Lighting design: Peter Andres, Consultant engineer for light planning, Hamburg


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