10. Feb 2016

24-hour design challenge

The biannual MAB Student Design Competition, known as MAB24H, is a global event run as a 24-hour design challenge on April 9th, 2016. The winning entries will be presented at MAB16 in Sydney. The competition is open to Bachelor, Master and PhD students from around the world.


MAB24H is an intense and fun competition. You can participate in a team of up to five people or on your own. All participants must be enrolled in a university program or other tertiary institution at the time of the challenge. Your goal is to design something that responds to the brief provided at the start of the challenge. The brief will include information on what you will be designing, some background reading, helpful hints, and what we expect you to do. You will have 24 hours to create your design, write your paper, maintain your blog and shoot/produce your video.

During the 24 hours, mentors will be on Twitter and Tumblr under the #MAB24H  hashtag, commenting and challenging each team’s process. So, go find some friends and get ready to enter! And don’t worry if you have a small team, some of the most successful groups in 2012 and 2014 were small! Have fun!

The prizes for the winning and runner up teams will be:

–          A mention in the design competition chapter of the official MAB16 book (published by av edition).

–          Copies of the official MAB16 book.

–          One complimentary full pass or MAB16 for the winning team.

–          Award certificates for all team members.

Registration closes on April 8th, 2016 at 8am AEST.


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