21. Jan 2015

Spatial design based on sound wave patterns

Photos: Mrigank Sharma

For the interior design of the M-Auditorium in Mumbai/IND the architects from Planet 3 Studios carried out a study on sound in structural volumes. The goal of the architects: “Form follows Function”. The auditorium was then designed to facilitate sound waves travelling through the space. The outcome of the studies is reflected in the interior design: the spatial volume is determined by wavy, sinuous forms, with organically shaped lines of light in different widths sweeping across the ceiling and walls.

M-Auditorium features simple materials, which lend the space visual quality through the lighting concept. Ellipsoidal PVC membranes are integrated into the circular and sinuous contours of the wooden stepped ceiling and backlit by LEDs. Curved lines of light trace the movement of the sound waves across the wooden walls. The light is applied to accentuate the wavy forms and patterns on the ceiling and walls. The neutral wooden palette is complemented by orange and grey seating. Flush-mounted recessed ceiling luminaires provide additional ambient lighting.
The lighting and the textured room surfaces are not only visually interesting; they also ensure enhanced acoustics.

Project team:

Client: Vidyalankar Dnyanpeeth Trust
Architects: Planet 3 Studios – Kalhan Mattoo, Santha Gour Mattoo, Shanky Jain, Dhiraj Narang und Amit Jadhav


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