27. Oct 2014

Simply stunning

Photos: Lumid

The atrium in the Lucas Place Lofts apartment house in the historic garment district of the downtown area of Kansas City/USA provides access to the different apartments. The historic character of the original structure has been preserved, with the original woodwork and brick walls providing an industrial vibe. Daylight pours into the atrium through a large window in the roof. But the space is even more inspiring and dramatic after dark. Apparently randomly positioned LED Lightsticks floating in space shed soft light in the otherwise empty atrium, lending the space depth and a slightly futuristic touch.

The Lightsticks are suspended from wall to wall using aircraft cables, leaving only lines of light visible after dark.

Light floating in space in the truest sense of the word, yet somehow irresistibly present.

 Project team:

Interior design: Pavarini Design Associates – Charles Pavarini
Lighting design: zeroLUX Lighting – Lana Lenar

Products applied:

Lightsticks, Lumid


My opinion:

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