06. Oct 2014

Elegant light patterns and luxury

Architect: Jun Aoki
Photo: Daici Ano

Exclusive, elegant, and sporting the famous Louis Vuitton damier pattern monogram – this is what differentiates the French fashion house’s luxury goods from others. Handbags and leather goods produced by this fashion label are particularly popular. The new façade on the Louis Vuitton store in Tokyo/J, designed by architect Jun Aoki, also features a repeated geometric pattern, coupled with light. The building is located at the former entrance to the city, and its design references the history of the region and its close association with the art deco movement. The patterns are a result of the gentle bulges and dents in the cladding, and change optically during the daytime depending on the incident sunlight. After dark, LEDs concealed behind the reliefs create another impression, reminiscent of the Louis Vuitton damier. Luminous flowers and geometric light shapes appear, becoming smaller the lower down the facade they occur. The lighting also becomes increasingly more intensive towards street level, but is never obtrusive or overdone. The combination of warm white and cool white light renders the store magically attractive. And not a light source to be seen…

The building facade promises luxury and spreads an aura of aesthetic charm.


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