30. Nov 2015

Extravagant and cool

Photos: Zooey Braun

Frankfurt has a number of tall office buildings, but Solo West stands out – because it is a solitaire. Located centrally, and surrounded by key cultural highlights, it is both inspired and inspiring. The ten-storey office building opened at the beginning of the 1990s, when it was known as the ‘Lahmeyer-Haus’. In 2014, the interior architects from the Ippolito Fleitz Group were commissioned to re-design the entrance lobby and the access and supply cores for all storeys, as well as the interior architecture for two rented offices.

The impressive lobby, designed to be reminiscent of glacial ice sparkling in the sunlight, serves as a shared business card for all the different tenants. The idea was to use high-quality materials and purposefully designed lighting to create the desired atmosphere.

The wall cladding in the two-storey lobby consists of a series of vertical white fins of different lengths. These lamellae are staggered at irregular intervals, lending the walls a specific dynamic. A polygonal element made of polished stainless steel is suspended from the ceiling, again enhancing the room height. Spots installed in the gaps between the ceiling and the lamellae illuminate the wall elements from above. The light sources remain invisible, with the result that the walls appear to glow magically, with dots of light forming along the top edges of the lamellae.

Black and white sculptural objects in the entrance area reiterate the shape of the ceiling element. Light and space merge into one, the reflective ceiling element and the lighting creating spatial depth and visual tension.

Project team:

Client: Phoenix Real Estate Development GmbH
Interior architects: Ippolito Fleitz Group
Lighting design: Lichtwerke, Cologne/D


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