Project team:

Client: HAW – University of Applied
Science Hamburg/D;
Prof. Dr. Birgit Wendholt, Prof. Dr. Gunter
Klemke, Prof. Dr. Kai von Luck
Lighting design: Ljusarkitektur AB,
Deike Ladwig and Paul Ehlert
Sponsors: XAL, Lutron and Pharos Controls


Products applied:

XAL: linear LED fixtures, QT and LED track
spots, table, pendant and free-standing
Lighting control: Pharos Lighting Controls
Electrical installer and co-sponsor of the
project: EAN Elektro Alster Nord
Touch screen counter:
raumbildung, Paul Ehlert;
Seamless Interaction;
UNIQUE Messebau, Ivo Radke

05. Oct 2012

Living Place in Hamburg/D
A place for developing concepts for a smart home

Text: Sandra Lindner
Photos: Enno Ladwig

What will our living environment look like in future and what role will light and technology play in shaping it? The research project organised by the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg (HAW) will be providing some answers in the coming months.

Applied Sciences in Hamburg (HAW) has been investigating to what extent technology can facilitate our way of living and developing a concept for a smart home. The project is mainly funded by the Hamburg Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Science and Research, and is called “Living Place Hamburg”. It basically comprises a laboratory for applied research in different areas of ambient intelligence, and also provides the opportunity for collaboration between the university and commercial companies interested in the research topic. One of the main focuses was on lighting as a means for creating desired ambiences which, depending on the respective research project within the laboratory space, may influence the behaviour of the users of that living space or provide users with a range of choices to suit their individual needs and preferences.
When it came to the lighting design the HAW staged a design competition and invited a shortlist of four lighting design firms to come up with a proposal. The lighting designers from Ljusarkitektur suggested working with sponsoring companies in order to create a cutting-edge project which otherwise would not have been possible given the tight budget. This idea together with their design convinced the University and Ljusarkitektur was given the opportunity to continue to develop and test their concept. The goal was to create a modern but comfortable apartment with seamlessly integrated technology for everyday use.
The Living Place Hamburg is a 140 square metre recently renovated loft-style apartment located on the HAW campus in the centre of Hamburg. The apartment consists of one large room with different sections for dining, living, cooking, sleeping and working as well as a separate bathroom. It is a completely functional apartment and thus lends itself to research experiments under real life conditions. Experimental living projects covered anything from a few hours to several days. All sensors and effects can be configured, allowing users to influence settings. Experiments can also be supervised via an integrated system comprising a series of cameras, microphones and other state-of-theart monitoring equipment. […]


The full version of the article can be found in PLD No. 84.

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