08. Aug 2016

Schwabinger Tor in Munich/DE

Munich’s Schwabinger Tor neighborhood is named for a old city gate, first mentioned in the historical record in 1319 and demolished in 1817. Today, the area is the site of an innovative new housing and office development. Slated to be finished in 2017, the new space will feature a forward-looking space-sharing and mobility concept. It will also offer support for artists and startups—a feature that will likely have a decisive impact on the neighborhood.


The lighting company Lumen3 was charged with realizing a characteristic concept for the development. Several architects (including internationally renown offices such as Max Dudler and 03 Architekten) were involved in designing the nine buildings on the premises, so an initial concern was how to achieve a unified lighting design. “But then every architect wanted the FA System in his office,” Wolfram Bliefert, the CEO of Lumen3, said of his search for the perfect compromise.


ewo provided the development with wall and pole luminaires, including a newly developed featured which allows flush mounting on walls and ceilings. The development makes extensive use of ewo’s modulation construction system: beam angle, brightness, and light color are all fully customizable. A cool, clear lighting was chosen for street-side buildings; more removed spaces such as courtyards, which were designed for relaxing or enjoying a quiet meal, were outfitted with a warmer, more accentuated light.



Photos: Hans Lichtl

The height at which the lights are mounted, and the distance between each of the approximately 200 units, is uniform throughout the entire development. Despite the grid-like organization of the system, however, the lighting will be an essential part of the new development’s liveliness and energy—it’s uniquely adaptable to the vagaries of daily work and home life.

Architecture: Max Dudler, 03 Architekten, Hild und K Architekten

Lighting Design: Lumen³


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