06. Feb 2015

…election of Executive Board

Lighting Europe is pleased to announce the election of Jan Denneman as President of the Executive Board, Peter Hunt as Vice-President, Alfred Haas as Treasurer for 2015, and Yves Robillard as Treasurer for 2016. Additional Board members include: Thomas Walentowski (BLV), Zoltan Koltai (GE Lighting), Peter Dillen (Havells-Sylvania), Klaus Breisch (Panasonic), Dietmar Zembrot (Trilux), Johan Segers (Agoria), Alfredo Berges (Anfalum), Massimiliano Guzzini (Assil), Nathalie Coursière (Ignes), André ten Bloemendal (NLA), Lionel Brunet (Syndicat de l’Eclairage), and Dr. Jürgen Waldorf (ZVEI).

Mr. Denneman joins Lighting Europe from Philips where he is Vice President for Industry Associations. He is also the President of the Global Lighting Association (GLA) and member of the Board of the Connected Lighting Alliance (TCLA).

Mr. Hunt is a previous Executive Board member of LightingEurope and the Chief Operating Officer (C.O.O.) of the United Kingdom’s Lighting Industry Association.

Mr. Haas is Vice President of Industry Associations, Public & Governmental Affairs at Osram GmbH, Munich Germany. He is also a member of the advisory board of Osram AG and Osrams GmbH in Germany.

Mr. Robillard currently serves as the Product Management Director Thorn Global, which is part of the Zumtobel Group AG.


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