04. Dec 2014

…Earliest Phase Out for Domestic Halogen Eco Lamps

The European Commission is about to create significant restrictions on consumer choice by banning a popular range of lighting products. If current proposals by the European Commission are adopted, consumers will no longer be able to purchase any domestic halogen eco lamps after 2018.

Lighting Europe is highly concerned by the impact this ban would have on consumers. For this reason, Lighting Europe is urging the European Commission to delay this ban until at least 2020, so that sufficient and affordable replacement products will be available to consumers.

Says, Diederik de Stoppelaar, Secretary General of Lighting Europe, “To put it simply: a phase out starting before 2020 is going to be confusing, costly, and inconvenient to European Union consumers. The industry strongly supports—and has for years—the changeover to more energy efficient lighting solutions. However, a 2018 date does not allow for alternative developing technologies to be widely available—and it is the consumers who will lose out. The best solution for consumers is for Commission to adopt a phase out date of 2020 or later, which will allow for the widespread availability of new technologies and ample choices. On behalf of our members, Lighting Europe has always taken a clear position on this issue and provided the written position to back it up.”

Lighting Europe’s detailed position paper can be found here:

www.Lighting Europe.org

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