23. Mar 2015

Colourful dynamic play of light at
Media-Saturn head office in Ingolstadt/D

Photos: Christoph Mittermüller

It depends on the architecture – but also the acoustics and the light – whether a visitor will feel welcome when entering an office building or public facility. The lobby at Media-Saturn’s head office in Ingolstadt/D features clear, clean architecture with light walls and dark furniture. The colourful dynamic play of light generated by three “Lightcubes” on the ceiling lend the lobby a touch of extravagance. The artificial skylights fill the entrance area with daylight effects or shimmering rainbows, depending on how they are programmed.

The project-specific luminous surfaces measure 280 by 280 centimetres and combine light and acoustics; they are in fact noise-absorbent. A total of 507 LEDLUX Plane LX light modules were installed in the three cubes, each of which can be controlled separately. The luminous surfaces are reflected in the flooring, which adds to the fascinating visual effect.

Project team:

Client: Media-Saturn Deutschland GmbH
Architects: NTA Nowak + Thaler Architekten GmbH
Concept and construction of the luminous surfaces: Koch Membranen GmbH
LED technology: Insta Elektro GmbH, Lightment, Lüdenscheid/D


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