17. Feb 2016

Light Sculpture of Flames beta ver from teamLab on Vimeo.

Dynamic light art installation featuring coloured flickering flames

Light art installation and photos: teamLab

If you take a closer look at a flame, you will notice that it appears to comprise layered colours. Most flames appear white at the centre and red or orange towards the outside. The multidisciplinary art collective teamLab created  the “Light Sculpture of Flames” in an endeavour to transform this phenomenon into an interactive light art installation. The result is a three-dimensional light art work comprising a mass of tiny point light sources that generate the impression of flickering coloured flames. With 19 other installations designed by the Japanese art collective teamlab, it is part of the “Living Digital Space and Future Parks” exhibition in der Pace Art and Technology Gallery in Menlo Park, California/USA.


The cube-shaped installation measures three times 2.5 metres and comprises 64,000 LEDs. The artwork does not use pre-recorded imagery; it is continuously created in real-time by a computer program and is in a constant process of transformation. Each moment is unique and never repeated.

This artwork uses accumulated point light sources to create a sculptural body, similar to the way distinct dots of colour form an image in a pointillist painting in which small, distinct dots of colour are applied in patterns to form an image.

The exhibition is on until 1. July, 2016.


Light Sculpture of Flames beta ver from teamLab on Vimeo

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