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20. Sep 2009

Dreams made of light: LEDs as a vision of the future

The ‘future’ of lighting is a topic that has always interested me. This article is a development of a theme that I often consider and a personal thought piece which aims to provoke ideas from anyone interested in lighting and the urban environment. Through logical reasoning this article will try to imagine what lighting developments will take place and what the electrically illuminated world might look like 25 years from now. To help give the article some grounding, I undertook research and carried out a workshop with other lighting designers in an aim to arrive at real and sensible possibilities. However, some of the suggestions may not be so real or sensible! The article takes the form of a Lighting Designer Blog set 25 years from now in 2034 and takes snap shots looking at a number of different future life scenarios and possible projects.

The Background

In 2034, New Greater London has a population of over 29 million citizens. England has a commercial trade agreement with the New Europe Single State (NESS) which has a total population of over one billion citizens. For political impartiality, the administrative capital of NESS is located in a town called Frauenkirchen in Austria, the most geographically central town in the state. […]

The full version of the article can be found in PLD No. 68

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