10. Sep 2014

Infinity mirror – same effect, new interpretation

Architects: AIM – Wendy Saunders, Vincent de Graaf,
German Roig, Carter Chen, Jiao Yan

Photos: Jerry Yin, Dirk Weiblen

Workplaces can be found in a multitude of places – from breathtaking locations in the middle of nature, such as Mount Everest, to functional production sheds. Office buildings tend to come under the category “relatively unspectacular workplaces”. Long corridors, simple office spaces and featureless lobbies are nothing out of the ordinary.

The Soho China office building in Shanghai, which was designed by the architects from AIM, is a different story. In the real estate company’s new office building the strikingly impressive entrance space, which is known as the “Lift Corridor”, is indeed a place for reflection – or rather an infinity mirror experience extraordinaire. The visual impression of the corridor is reminiscent of the endless reflections often witnessed in mirrored elevator cages.

The “Lift Corridor“, so called because that is where the lifts are located, is made up of large, white, reflective acrylic glass panels. LED strip lights have been installed between the panels over all room surfaces to form frames of light at regular intervals. Each of the lines of light is reflected endlessly in the white panels that cover walls, ceiling and floor. The overall effect is futuristic and never-ending.

Sober, white and elegant: an interesting alignment of lines of light combined with reflective surfaces, which together give rise to infinite reflections.
How does anyone determine where the lift is?


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