Text: Paolo Portaluri

24. Mar 2014

Lighting and graphic design
When the boundaries between two disciplines begin to blur

It has always been good for a lighting designer to have some skills in graphic design or drawing, since it is not easy to portray light or to communicate a concept.

Today the line between lighting design and graphic design is becoming increasingly blurred. The point is not how to communicate light, but how to use light for communication. For example, media façades and video mappings have become extremely popular. We have “discovered” that light can be a medium for communication. Have we? Has light not always been a medium for representation and communication? We use it to make geometries perceptible, to attract people, to indicate, to stimulate, to evoke…
In my opinion, architectural lighting design has always been a matter of “painting” the space and the architectonic volumes. In a nutshell, it can be described as a visual art that deals with perception. But let’s do it with respect towards the surfaces and spaces we illuminate, without altering their meaning. […]

Image 1,2,3: Marialucia, drawing shadows using articifial light
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