14. Nov 2014

Lighting technology on a CD

Text: Joachim Ritter

In the history of the lighting industry there have always been examples of well established or even leading manufacturers appearing on the scene from completely unrelated branches of industry. Some companies found their way into lighting technology through mechanical engineering; others came from the printing world. This is still the case today. Given that we are now in the middle of a digital revolution, which has led to the LED becoming the focus of the lighting world, it is not surprising to see new ideas arising from the field of CD manufacturing.

EDC, a company based in Hanover, produces around one million sound storage media a day – and still delivers music CDs all over the world. However, given that it is now possible to store music on smart phones and other media, EDC quite rightly saw the need to adjust to the market situation and scout for new business markets. Their machines were no longer used to capacity, which led the manufacturer to test the possibility of manufacturing silver discs and integrating LEDs at the same time. The advantage is that the process is incredibly cost-effective when producing high volumes. The resulting disc is basically comparable to an LED array. The special feature of the F|limyé range lies in the extremely flat design and the transparent medium. A further advantage of this innovation is that flat lenses or integrated optics can be installed very close to the light source, allowing the light to be concentrated or dispersed accordingly. The F|limyé range requires no classic circuit board technology. That said, the reliable contacting of LEDs and strip conductors with integrated resistance is still guaranteed.


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