13. Feb 2015

Daylight hardly without windows

Architects: Tropical Space Co., Ltd – Nguyen Hai Long, Phan Quang Vinh, Tran Thi Ngu Ngon, Trinh Thanh Tu
Photos: Oki Hiroyuki

Daylight effects hardly without windows: the Light Box in Da Nang/VN designed by Tropical Space achieves just that. The goal of the architects was to design a house that would withstand the extreme tropical monsoon climate conditions in the region. The designers were inspired by the way termites build their nests with a large central space linked to all other levels. Sunlight penetrates the Light Box, creating wonderful patterns on all room surfaces.

The walls comprise offset bricks which allow sunlight to penetrate the interior through the openings. The rooms are therefore daylit but in a reduced and fascinating way. Some of the spaces feature gaps between the outer skin of the structure and the concrete ceiling, which function as skylights. Specific sections of the façade are glazed: a pane of glass set in an aluminium frame. This is to prevent rain penetration.

At different times during the day, the luminous colour and intensity varies and the brick walls change from light red in the morning, to red at noon, dark red in the afternoon and more purple in the late afternoon. In the evening, electric light radiating outwards through the brickwork renders the Light Box visible as an inhabited building.


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