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Photos: Xicato

14. Oct 2013

Creating an ambience – lighting that complements the design and brand of a store

Twenty shoppers and more than forty lighting professionals from Europe participated in tests evaluating the attention-grabbing nature of display lighting provided by novel LED modules for retail applications.

Trends in retail suggest that physical stores are increasingly required to differentiate their value and create an engaging experience for customers in order to thrive in the face of online competition. In a changing retail landscape, bricks-and-mortar stores need to build on their advantages in terms of standing out and creating a personal, fun experience and relationship with customers. By using the right type of lighting for an application, retailers have a compelling tool to help create an ambience that fits with the brand and store. Lighting influences the mood and energy level of people. It also provides guidance and orientation and gives breadth and clarity. As such, good lighting can reduce stress for customers and contribute to creating a welcoming, comfortable and enjoyable place in which people linger longer. By helping products stand out and look their best in terms of colours, shape and texture, lighting can trigger curiosity, give extra accent to certain products and subtly navigate attention for example to new or high-revenue merchandize with the goal of increasing sales.

LED lighting brings flexibility and new opportunities to show products at their best
LED technology has developed tremendously over the past few years. Many lighting professionals might remember the first wave of white LED sources on the market. Their light was often dim, extremely cold and conveyed to colours an ugly and unnatural hue. Many who were not simply impressed by the label of “LED” yearned for the high quality, good colour rendering properties and warm white light of halogen. […]


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